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03:20 Core Feature/Suggestion #2585 (In Review): Discord commands
Can we get discord commands for some more of the short links we have to the wiki or spreadsheets.
For example, the...


00:57 Uncategorized Task #2216 (Filed): Sevtech The Beneath advancement
This specific advancement regularly seems to fail giving to the user upon going to the nether requiring Sr mod to for... AoifeEnns


20:41 Community Coordinator Public Feature/Suggestion #2175 (New): New player title ideas.
Here are some suggested title ideas, for play time and from the MYM achievements. Most of the achievement ones are t... AoifeEnns


18:25 Server Defect/Bug #2088 (Closed): new java update 291 doesn't work
We have had 2 or 3 people report that they have installed java 8 version 291 and it has not worked. They get the mes... AoifeEnns


20:58 Core Feature/Suggestion #2084 (New): Update
The newest Ascendant rank isn't on the shortlink version of the spreadsheet. Should get added so people can easily f... AoifeEnns


20:37 Core Defect/Bug #2069 (New): World edit regenning on infinity normal
While doing regenning of areas on Infinity normal, I haven't noticed this problem on any other server, I frequently n... AoifeEnns


00:17 Server Defect/Bug #2051 (Closed): quest unable to be completed
The chunkloading ward quest cannot be completed due to the ward being uncraftable.
Quest ID 843 under Tier 2 -ma...


04:12 Server Feature/Suggestion #2035 (Closed): Firestone ore fire spread
Can the fire place method from firestone ore be looked into and disabled entirely or specifically within the admin cl... AoifeEnns


22:50 Uncategorized Task #1725: AG2 rainmakers
Okay, didn't see that part, just tested the crafting and placing. Will still need the other rainmakers disabled. Th... AoifeEnns
21:16 Uncategorized Task #1725 (Closed): AG2 rainmakers
There was a complaint on the forum about excessive rain on AG2, and I found 3 that are currently unbanned. First, Fo... AoifeEnns

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