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17:36 Uncategorized Task #2761 (Closed): Custom MYM server icon
64 x 64 png to be displayed on the multiplayer screen. Must be named "server-icon" AoifeEnns
17:17 Community Coordinator Public Feature/Suggestion #1948: Notice for no current acceptance for 1.16 packs
Given that we are working on 1.16 for public, and possibly 1.18 for patron, should we add those options to the drop d... AoifeEnns
17:15 Community Coordinator Public Feature/Suggestion #1805: Player of the Month
Is this still an idea we want to pursue? AoifeEnns
17:15 Community Coordinator Public Feature/Suggestion #1721 (Closed): Add New Forum Achievements


03:20 Core Feature/Suggestion #2585 (Closed): Discord commands
Can we get discord commands for some more of the short links we have to the wiki or spreadsheets.
For example, the...


00:57 Uncategorized Task #2216 (Closed): Sevtech The Beneath advancement
This specific advancement regularly seems to fail giving to the user upon going to the nether requiring Sr mod to for... AoifeEnns


20:41 Community Coordinator Public Feature/Suggestion #2175 (Closed): New player title ideas.
Here are some suggested title ideas, for play time and from the MYM achievements. Most of the achievement ones are t... AoifeEnns


18:25 Server Defect/Bug #2088 (Closed): new java update 291 doesn't work
We have had 2 or 3 people report that they have installed java 8 version 291 and it has not worked. They get the mes... AoifeEnns


20:58 Core Feature/Suggestion #2084 (Closed): Update
The newest Ascendant rank isn't on the shortlink version of the spreadsheet. Should get added so people can easily f... AoifeEnns


20:37 Core Defect/Bug #2069 (Closed): World edit regenning on infinity normal
While doing regenning of areas on Infinity normal, I haven't noticed this problem on any other server, I frequently n... AoifeEnns

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