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01:47 Uncategorized Task #1895 (Closed): Re enabling of /market
Re enabling of /market on all servers CanadaBunny


23:19 Uncategorized Task #1517 (Closed): SevTech - No strongholds
Closed for reasoning of never being an issue. Players where apparently being lazy as per {{rum(190, _Cilo_)}},s words CanadaBunny
22:23 Uncategorized Task #1640 (Closed): Mimic boss from chance cubes
Closed due to mod being disabled. CanadaBunny
21:35 Uncategorized Task #1599 (Filed): Sludge Menace boss doesn't spawn
20:59 Mods and Plugins Task #1704 (Closed): Removal of Random item tab from /shop
Remove the Random Item for tokens redeem from the /shop due to lack of usage


20:39 Uncategorized Task #1699: Po3 Kappa Vanilla Furnaces not working
After a bit more testing with {{rum(691, Webnix)}} and {{rum(653, dragon87tamer)}} it seems to be a chunk related iss... CanadaBunny
04:14 Uncategorized Task #1699 (Closed): Po3 Kappa Vanilla Furnaces not working
Currently on Po3 kappa furnaces don't work at all. Tried with a few different fuel sources and it doesn't seem to acc... CanadaBunny


22:11 Uncategorized Task #1644 (Closed): Apotheosis Monster Spawner TPS issue PO3
If you use a fluid cow egg on the apotheosis monster spawner with the enchant capture 5 on the spawner. It causes the... CanadaBunny

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