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18:00 Server Task #2504 (Closed): Generate New Farm World For Divine Journey 2
It seems that the latest update of Divine Journey 2 has changed ore gen a little bit ! dragon87tamer


21:45 Uncategorized Task #2004: McEternal Fluid Duping
Spoke to owner disord server for Cofh (forget name), they stated it was because tech reborn isnt checking if holding... dragon87tamer


18:16 Uncategorized Task #2004 (Closed): McEternal Fluid Duping
Using thermal expansion Reservoir (Any) and having it have fill with any fluid. set to Active. Take stack of Tech Re... dragon87tamer


18:45 MyM Owned Modpacks Feature/Suggestion #1973: Spawn Modifications in hostile dimensions
why not just give the claim flag to allow access to graves in admin claims. And save that to the reset folders for th... dragon87tamer


00:07 Uncategorized Task #1718: Sevtech Strongholds missing
{{rum(102, Aidoneus)}}{{rum(278, HanoverFist69)}} dragon87tamer


22:15 Uncategorized Task #1641: Po3k Tartartus Dim
This is from /uptime on po3k !! < it also seems that everytime po3k is having tps issu... dragon87tamer


19:48 Uncategorized Task #1596 (In Review): Mc Eternal Crystal Flower Charm Issue


17:33 Uncategorized Task #1635: Disable loot recycler from chance cube po3k
This thread says loot recycler, But doesnt the github say loot bag storage? Loot recycler turns items from loot bags,... dragon87tamer


17:04 Uncategorized Task #1596: Mc Eternal Crystal Flower Charm Issue
well personally i think the Crystal Flower Charm needs to be removed completly from being obtained. The item is not n... dragon87tamer

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