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13:32 Galactic Science Task #306 (Closed): Things which are not in the NEI and should be in the Questbook/Wiki
Put all into hqm except soulsand, there are quite some ways to make it like ex nihilo or minechem. Also theres a line... caithleen
13:29 Galactic Science Feature/Suggestion #295 (Closed): Calculater Mod
Too limited configs/tweaker support. Too op. Will still keep it in mind for the future. caithleen
13:28 Galactic Science Feature/Suggestion #28 (Closed): Lore Expansion
Nice tool, we use it in hypovolemia. In GS we added alot of tipps to the hqm itself, so i dont see to use it here any... caithleen
13:27 Galactic Science Task #397 (Closed): Change Modtweaker to rewritten version
13:26 Galactic Science Task #266 (Closed): Questbook Tips
Done ... another minute caithleen
13:24 Galactic Science Feature/Suggestion #29 (Closed): Subsistence
Wont come in - well use it in hypovolemia instead caithleen
13:23 Galactic Science Defect/Bug #321 (Closed): Quest "Another RF Storage" broken
13:23 Galactic Science Defect/Bug #321: Quest "Another RF Storage" broken
Okay this took 5 minutes, was a bit harder. caithleen
13:20 Galactic Science Task #372 (Closed): Add Super Builders Wand to medium Questreward
this took 30 seconds ... caithleen
13:19 Galactic Science Defect/Bug #374 (Closed): Capacitor banks autocomplete
Wow, this took 3 minutes to resolve :/ caithleen

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