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Staff-only comments on tickets

Added by Kronnn almost 7 years ago.

Ticket System
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I was wondering if it would be possible to have a section on each ticket that would be visible to staff only that could be used to track who is working on it, any more information that's needed etc. without having to update the ticket itself. If used correctly this would allow staff members to see at a glance if a ticket is being worked on already or see more info about what has been done, or if someone who was working on the ticket has had to leave and if there has been any news on the ticket.

I feel that this would be useful because I know that many staff members prefer to only update the tickets themselves when there is some information that can be given to the player, so for example people usually wouldn't comment on a ticket until they had it completed instead of when its started. As well as this there may be information that needs to be handed off to the next person handling the ticket that the player might not need to know or could contain comments / questions / advice directed at the staff member(s) handling the ticket without causing confusion for the player.

The best place to have it would be separated from the "replies" section like the "Ticket" section section is currently (Maybe the "Ticket" section could be moved under the replies section and staff comments placed where "tickets" is now?

This would not be intended to take away the need for staff to comment on the ticket to inform the player and each other of any developments with the ticket, but it would be designed to increase the amount of information available to staff about the ticket without "spamming" or causing confusion to the player.

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